How to care for your fresh Decorations

How to care for your fresh Wreaths and Decorations

Our fresh wreaths are made fresh and shipped packaged in a moisture retaining plastic bag before being placed in a 200lb test corrugated cardboard box before shipping.

Once you receive your wreath, unpack it immediately and remove it from the plastic bag.

If you chose extra decorations with our Themed Arrangements, place the decorations on the wreaths by pushing the base tip through to the back of the wreath. Bend the tip and push it back into the back of the wreath. This will secure the decoration in place.

Unwind the wire attached to the back of the hand-tied ribbon. Wrap each end of the wire around the base of the wreath and twist in back to secure the bow.

Once the decorations and ribbon are in place, your wreath is ready to hang. Choose a cool area away from the heat of furnaces, wood stoves, fireplaces, and also out of direct sunlight. This will provide the best conditions to allow your wreath to remain fresh the longest. As temperature rises so does transpiration rate which will cause drying but will also increase the natural fragrance of the fresh greens. In warm climates, or indoors, you can mist the wreath periodically to help retain freshness.

Here are some additional tips we have found over the years that will give you some ideas on things you can do to keep your greens and greenery as fresh as possible.

  • Decorate with your holiday greenery up to a week or two before Christmas
  • Buy your greens for delivery as close as possible to when you plan on using them.
  • Keep them as cool as possible, refrigerator or outdoors and in the shade until needed.
  • Before you place wreaths on the door, or drape your garlands, soak them overnight in a bathtup filled with water so they can absorb moisture. After soaking overnight, spray with an anti-transparent like Wilt-Pruf to help seal in moisture. Plants lose water through their stems and leaves during a process called transpiration. By using an anti-transparent, these pores are sealed and water loss is minimized. Wait a few hours after spraying to allow to dry before you begin decorating. If you use this type of spray, you may lose some of the dusky blue color in juniper berries.
  • Re-cut the ends of your greens and crush the ends of the woody stems before you place them in water so they will absorb more liquid.
  • Keep your garland, wreaths, and greenery away from candles, heat vents, the fireplace, and sunny windows.
  • Check your greenery every couple of days, mist and replace sections that have browned or are dropping foliage.
  • Commercial sprays are available that provide some fire resistance, but never place fresh greenery near a heat source, sunny windows, space heaters, or heater vents.