How to care for your fresh Decorations

How to care for your fresh Wreaths and Decorations

Our fresh wreaths are made fresh and shipped packaged in a moisture retaining plastic bag before being placed in a 200lb test corrugated cardboard box before shipping.

Once you receive your wreath, unpack it immediately and remove it from the plastic bag.

If you chose extra decorations with our Themed Arrangements, place the decorations on the wreaths by pushing the base tip through to the back of the wreath. Bend the tip and push it back into the back of the wreath. This will secure the decoration in place.

Unwind the wire attached to the back of the hand-tied ribbon. Wrap each end of the wire around the base of the wreath and twist in back to secure the bow.

Once the decorations and ribbon are in place, your wreath is ready to hang. Choose a cool area away from the heat of furnaces, wood stoves, fireplaces, and also out of direct sunlight. This will provide the best conditions to allow your wreath to remain fresh the longest. As temperature rises so does transpiration rate which will cause drying but will also increase the natural fragrance of the fresh greens. In warm climates, or indoors, you can mist the wreath periodically to help retain freshness.